First-In-Man trials

Use ClinFlows online solution to submit clinical data and medical images (DICOM) or any other document to enhance your patient selection process.

Your first-in-man cases are disproportionately important to your success – and frequently they take place far away from where you and your team are based. So you travel – at great time and expense – only to find out that many of the candidates for the first-in –man trial are not qualified for one reason or another. You have just wasted a great deal of time and money – especially if your cases are located overseas.

With ClinFlows, you can take the guesswork out of those all-important first-in-man studies. ClinFlows gives you power to share the complete cases files ahead of time – full data sets, DICOM images and more – so you can preview candidates and make selections before you have flown your entire team overseas. Data transfer is fast and easy – no special hardware or software is needed – anonymous and secure.

Is your sales force or clinical specialist picking up CDs from the physicians office to send it via traditional courier or mail- or even to copy and burn CDs? If yes, please call us and we show how easy and efficient this process can be managed online, in real time, from anywhere at anytime and safe. When it comes to remotely screening patients and managing vital first-in-man cases, ClinFlows is a mission-critical part of the solution.


Patient screening prior to trial enrollment

Use ClinFlows if patient data need to be reviewed by any party to check in- and exclusion criteria or images prior to patient enrollment. Online, Safe and Quick.

Are you initiating your pivotal trials? Are you sure the right patients are selected onsite, meeting all in and exclusion criteria? Would you prefer to have a central review of the medical images prior to inclusion? Let´s discuss your needs, ClinFlows offers online solutions to manage exactly these workflows; even when GigaBytes of data per patient need to be reviewed. Make sure the right patients are included according to your study protocol