Medical proctoring

Use ClinFlows online solution “decidemedical” to support your physicians with their first cases of your new product. Involve proctors and your field force in this process, online, safe and easy to use.

Proctoring and clinical expert reviews are fundamental procedures, particularly when it comes to interpreting Echos, MRIs, CT scans and angiograms. Yet today, most proctoring and expert review are conducted with insufficient preparation beforehand; in many instances, proctors and specialists travel to distant sites and participate in cases with which they are only minimally familiar.

Worse even when they are able to share information, it´s often in the form of CDs sent via couriers. These are cumbersome to produce, often containing private patient information including non anonymized medical images.

With ClinFlows solutions, physician can securely transmit complete case information, including DICOM images, automatically anonymized. Cases can be sent in minutes via high-security Internet connection rather than in days via CD and courier. It´s simply a more effective, more user-friendly system, even for extremely large files. Not only these data are centrally stored, accessible by the various stakeholders, but also a communication workflow is embedded between the sender and the reviewer. Additional personnel, like your sales or clinical team can observe the communication and participate via a discussion blog.

With ClinFlows your proctoring efforts can finally work the way they are intended to work.