Clinical decision support

Online data review for patient selection, second opinion workflows and eligibility checks.

Online medical proctoring and expert reviews

When patient selection is key

Proctoring and clinical expert reviews are fundamental procedures, particularly when it comes to interpreting Echos, MRIs, CT scans and angiograms or other medical images. For many clinical scenarios patient selection is key, especially when new treatment modalities are introduced to market.

With ClinFlows solutions, physician can securely transmit complete case information with clinical data, including DICOM images, automatically de-identified. Cases can be sent in minutes via high-security Internet connection rather than in days via CD and courier. It´s simply a more effective, more user-friendly system, even for extremely large files. Not only these data are centrally stored, accessible by the various stakeholders, but also a communication workflow is embedded between the sender and the reviewer. 
Additional personnel, like your sales or clinical team can observe the communication and participate via a discussion blog.

With ClinFlows your proctoring and patient selection efforts can finally work the way they are intended to work.

Effective product launch by remote patient eligibility checks

ClinFlows can help ensure a new product rollout goes smoothly and see that patients are properly selected and physicians are properly trained.

The launch of a new medical device, therapy or pharmaceutical product is a critical period that bears directly on its eventual success. Given the expense and complexity of these introductions, finding eligible patients – and making sure physicians are appropriately trained – is essential.

ClinFlows e-solutions gives marketers and manufacturers the tools to preview cases and assess eligibility, thus helping ensure that appropriate patients are selected for new procedures, greatly increasing the likelihood of success. Trainers and physicians alike can securely share complete clinical case information, including data-intensive high-resolution medical images, which are de-identified automatically.

With ClinFlows, collaboration is more effective and takes less time – a powerful combination for cost-conscious manufacturers.

Efficient workflows for sizing services

Does your clinical team support their physicians when it is about choosing the right size of a device to be used or implanted? Often the sizing and decision about which product to be implanted is based on medical images. Does your team spent time and travel efforts on collecting medical images on CDs? Still using traditional couriers and having the postman delivering CDs? Or still using unsecured file sharing tools?

ClinFlows offers the most comprehensive solution to manage the submission and review of medical images and clinical data, also for sizing services in a safe and easy manner. Our solution is successfully used in multiple divisions of medical device companies and various countries allowing an efficient and fast turnaround when physicians need to send their data to your clinical specialists for review.

Let’s get it right and let us know how we can set up the workflows your project requires.

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