Transfer clinical data safely and easily: Input, preview, redact, and output any medical data from and to any destination.

Medical Data Transfer Made Simple

ClinSender is your go-to solution for seamless clinical data management. The comprehensive platform is designed to streamline the transfer and management of medical data from various sources to multiple output nodes. Experience seamless and simplified workflows, enhanced privacy measures, preview, and redaction options, as well as automated data transfer routines.

Easy and safe data transfers
Unbeatable compatibility
Regulatory compliant
Affordable pricing options
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Transfer from any source

Various documents

Unique Features

ClinSender stands out as the most comprehensive medical data transfer solution while enhancing patient privacy. With ClinSender, you can enjoy a seamless data exchange experience, edit, or erase burned-in annotations, and view medical images in DICOM format, making it an unmatched tool in the healthcare sector.

Unbeatable Combination of Medical Data Transfer and Anonymization Capabilities

Seamless data transfer
Transfer from and to any source
Compatible with various document types
Preview, redact, and anonymize
Automated data transfer routines
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